Global Goes Local assists companies as one point of contact to get global employees local in Sweden through coordinating registrations and applications needed to start working in Sweden. We assist with work and residence permits, registrations with the Swedish Tax Agency and Social Insurance Agency as well as other formalities for companies and their future employees.

Work Permit

Lots of forms, we coordinate.

Tax Registration / ID Card

To get your employee going, we organize the number of existence.

Social Security

To get your employee covered, we assist with all formalities.

Bank Account

To pay a salary to your employee, we talk to the bank.

Global Goes Local assists global companies as one point of contact to establish a business and get local in Sweden. We take care of company incorporation as well as registration with authorities such as the Company Register and Tax Authorities. We also assist with legal administration, financial services and tax reporting to keep your company compliant with local laws and regulations. 

Work Permit

Why: Most citizens of non-EU countries need a work permit to be entitled to work in Sweden.

When: The employee should in most cases apply for and have been granted a work permit before entering Sweden.

How: The application should be submitted to the Swedish Migration Board. The employer in Sweden initiates the work permit application by completing an offer of employment and by advertising the job

Tax Registration/ ID Card

Why: To be part of the Swedish tax system and to receive a personal identification number the employee should register with the Swedish Tax Agency. A Swedish ID card is also needed as a form of identification and can be obtained from the Swedish Tax Agency.

When: As soon as an employee comes to Sweden a personal identification number needs to be obtained. Once the employee receives the personal identification number the employee can apply for an ID card with the Swedish Tax Agency. 

How: A local Swedish Tax Office needs to be visited in person and the right documents need to be shown.